Incarcerated exiles from Ikaria

Incarcerated exiles from Ikaria

ASKI control number: 2005.01

Date: 1950

Appearing Persons: Panayiotis Papayiannis, Alekos Kalogeropoulos

Place: Makronissos

Form: Ψηφιακή

Source Collection: ASKI / Gift of Panayiotis Papayiannis (via his granddaughter Sofia Papayianni-Loukeri)


Note with photo: “Left, Panayiotis Papayiannis from Strefi Messinias. Right, Alekos Kalogeropoulos from Dara (Dara Messinias). Panayiotis Papayiannis was arrested in 1948 at a roadblock in Kallithea. He was shipped on the “Efi” first to Ikaria as a politi

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