Carte postale of Stefanos Sarafis sent to his brothers Euripidis and Thanassis, 1949The ASKI material on Makronissos is found both in its archival collections and its library. Pride of place is held by the archives of Nikos Margaris, the preeminent researcher on Makronissos who systematically collected the personal testimonies and photographs published in the 1960s in the two-volume Ιστορία της Μακρονήσου (History of Makronissos).The incredible wealth of photographic documentation compiled by Nikos Margaris, combined with the ASKI testimonies, notes, and newspaper clippings, are a unique source for researching and visualising Makronissos. The Communist Party of Greece (KKE) archives contains letters and reports about Makronissos, theatrical skits and press clippings, while the archive of the pre-dictatorship United Democratic Left (EDA)United Democratic Left (EDA)
Legal left-wing political party, founded in 1951, that included some former members of the Greek People’s Liberation Army (ELAS)
party contains documentation on living conditions at the military camp as well as about its operation. The Archive of the General Administration of Central-Western Macedonia contains incoming open letters and repentance forms as well as letters from the education ministry to the sapper battalions on Makronissos. “Skapaneus Makronissou”, vol. 9 (1/1950)The personal archives and small collections yield private correspondence, journals and testimonies about Makronissos. These documents are found in the archives and collections of Michalis Kyrkos, Stefanos Sarafis, Minas Maroulis, Victoria Theodorou, Antonis Flountzis, Nina Skandali, Giorgos Gerolymatos, Vyronas Pallis, Ilias Staveris, and Themistoklis and Alkiviadis Loulis.The ASKI Library contains newspapers published on Makronissos like O Skapaneas (The Sapper) and Anamorfosis (Reform) as well as rare propaganda leaflets. Published memoirs of the period’s protagonists, academic papers and media reports complement the archival collections, together comprising a unique research resource for studying a phenomenon like the Makronissos military detention centre.

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