Β΄ Τάγμα Σκαπανέων 1947. Καταυλισμός

The buildings and facilities in Makronissos were located on the western part of the island. A contemporary visitor will encounter buildings and ruins of the six camps that operated autonomously under the supervision of a captain and cadre of officers. Outposts, barbed wire fences and walls surrounded each camp.

More specifically, these camps [from north to south] were named as follows:


Α΄ Ειδικό Τάγμα Οπλιτών και Ειδικό Σχολείο Αναμόρφωσης Ιδιωτών 1949

The topographic maps of Nikos Margaris offer a panorama of the Makronissos camps as they operated throughout time. Thanks to these sketches, it is possible today to reposition and reconstruct the locations of buildings and facilities.