ASKI Control numberΝ.Μ.13.85.001
Ημερομηνία τεκμηρίου1947.11.10
CaptionAfter the arrival from the Centre to the Second Sappers Battalion, one of the company's cooks whose camera still worked took the picture.
Appearing personsVelisarios, Vytinaros, Zaravinos, Famelitis, Mylonas, Barkoulis, Heras, Fasaris, Theodoropoulos, Botopoulos, Ganiaris, Kontozoglou, Gregos, Bouloukos
PlaceSecond Sappers Battalion
Source CollectionASKI / Nikos Margaris' Photographic Archive
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Second Sappers Battalion (Second Special Privates Battalion
Second Sappers Battalion (Second Special Privates Battalion, B ETO)