Χάρτης των στρατοπέδων της Μακρονήσου

The buildings and facilities in Makronissos were located on the western part of the island. A contemporary visitor will encounter buildings and ruins of the six camps that operated autonomously under the supervision of a captain and cadre of officers. Outposts, barbed wire fences and walls surrounded each camp.

More specifically, these camps [from north to south] were named as follows:

[Source: Diaphōnidēs Kōstas, Grēgorakou Martha-Louiza, Papantōniou-Leukaditou Rena (epim.), Makronēsos. Istorikos politistikos topos, YPPO-YPECHŌDE-SADAS-PEA-TEE-EMP-ICOMOS-PEKAM, Athēna 1994.]