Tzanetatos Georgios

Commander of the Second Battalion. Accused of financial misconduct during his tenure, he was transferred from his position when Vrasidas Papagiannopoulos became head of the Organisation of Makronissos Rehabilitation Centres (OAM) under the Plastiras government.

Skaloumbakas Panagiotis

Commander of the Third Battalion from its formation and considered the harshest unit commander at Makronissos. This led to his selective transfer from the island before the end of the Greek Civil War in an attempt to blunt his negative reputation.

Plastiras Nikolaos

Venizelist general who entered politics in 1945, leading the National Progressive Centre Union (EPEK) in the March 1950 elections and heading a government until August 1950. He introduced reconciliation measures that eased some pressure on persecuted National...

Metaxas Ioannis

Royalist military leader and head of the 4 August dictatorship, with the support and cooperation of King George II. He was Greece’s leader during the Greek–Italian War until his death in January 1941.

League for Democracy in Greece

Its activities began before the Second World War and continued until the restoration of democracy in Greece following the junta’s collapse in 1974.